A Guide on How To Use Spotify With tinder

Tinder and Spotify work together to improve the search for love (depending on your musical tastes).

Users of the dating application, with or without account in Spotify, will hear snippets of songs that are uploaded on their prospective partner’s profile.

Couples often have commonalities and differences. These connections and dissimilarities achieve a certain balance for durability. Love, when it touches the door, usually gets through the eyes but there are certain aspects that help to realize that first (and important) meeting. And a passion as strong as music is a good component to savor the cocktail of love. To do this effect, two different applications have agreed to merge some of its features. The popular music streaming application, Spotify and the dating application, Tinder have allied to integrate music into the ligue profile service.Thus, from now users can locate potential partners according to music preferences.

Connecting Spotify to tinder

This new way of linking will be simple. Only you must slide to one side or the other based on musical preferences. And indeed, use music and artists as a pretext to break the ice. Currently, Tinder suggests couples based on their preferences, but now users can choose other variable, the music. Each user can spread their musical anthem in their app profile as well as view and listen to top artists from Spotify and slide to one side or the other according to the musical tastes of each person, as explained in a statement.  
  • Tinder Users  with or without an account in Spotify, will hear snippets of songs that are uploaded on their prospective partner’s profile. However, if, in addition, both have account in Spotify, from now on they will be able to navigate and get to know the artists and groups that both of them have in common. For everyone surely has a passion for a musical genre. And many even have a song, a song whose words are intertwined with our personal anecdotes that reflect part of their personality.
  • Simply search through the profile settings in Tinder to connect your Spotify account (or directly download Spotify from the App Store or Google Play to create new account). Please select which of your favorite artists on Spotify you want to share in your personal profile on tinder. And start sliding to see who shares the same musical preference with you.

Spotify in September exceeded 40 million paying subscribers. This partnership will allow you to increase your customer base. Tinder, on its part, claims to have created about 26 million contacts between its users and claimed the first of its dating application had 110 million downloads per day, an achievement in a highly competitive market.

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