Do Tinder Autolikers Really Work?

The growing trend for guys using tinder recently is to like every girl they can. This maximises the possibility of getting matches, and when a match comes a long, then the guy can decide if they like her or not. This is faster and get’s you more matches, but is much less accurate.


After this new trend, autolikers started to appear. A tinder autoliker will connect with your profile and start liking every single person, with a delay between each like. Some will also mix in a few dislikes to make it look normal.

Using a tinder autoliker is extremely useful if this is your strategy. You can go about your day and do whatever you want, while this autoliker is working for you to get you matches. Then at the end of the day you can just talk to the matches that you like and you didn’t have to do any liking to find them.

There are many tinder likers out there, and even instructions to build your own. Since it’s such a simple app, you can literally write one with 20 lines of code. There are lots of bad ones with pop up ads and unnecessary requirements, however here are two of the best.


Tinderly is an autoliker that you have control over. Instead of seeing one image at a time, it allows you to look at lots of images at once. You can just tick the ones that you like and then like them all in one go. So instead of liking one at a time, you like 50 or more at time.

There is a free and paid version of the pap with different features for both. If you use the free version then you have to give a review after 40 likes.


Botinder is a web application that works in your browser on your computer. You can now like many people at once by seeing them all on a screen. Botinder allows you to autolike many people, and also has a Booster feature, which likes several people a second. You can get 50 matches or more in just several minutes, but without a tool it could take up to a week of using the app constantly to get that many.

If you want to get more matches and you don’t want to do the hard work, then I strongly recommend you use a tinder autoliker. You will spend hours otherwise, going through various photos and you will only get a few matches.

With an autoliker you will be able to choose based on the matches you already have, and then immediately start a conversation with them. If you want to start getting more matches right away, then start using an autoliker.  

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