How to fix Tinder Error Code 50040 ?

Tinder Error 5000


 50040 errors code  indicate that any request or request to our server fails, either because there are errors on the website, on the server or on the proxy.

Let's see why the 500 error usually occurs, how you can locate it and how to fix it. Surely you have ever found it (it is even more frequent than error 50020 or error 50040, which we have also talked about already in the blog).


But sometimes it is not so simple. It can also occur because:

The server does not support any features necessary to respond to the browser request.
The server is performing maintenance or updating.
The server is saturated by excessive consumption.
The server does not know how to answer the browser.
You need authentication to access this web page.
Timeout unanswered.
Or simply because an unexpected error occurs on the server.


Sometimes it’s just a caching issue that prevents it logging in on mobile data. Wifi is generally no issue but mobile data hardly ever works. If you’ve tried everything and nothings worked, try this:
– turn off mobile data
– if tinder is in ur recent apps close it off completely
– turn on gprs and load tinder
– wait until it says ‘no network connection’, obviously because youve turned it off.
– now turn ur mobile data back on and give it a few seconds to assign ur phones IP, it should then start working again.
– if this still fails, try swiping to ur matches and wait for that page to load before swiping back to the main app screen, sometimes only then will it start working.

Basically, theyve just coded the login process poorly.
Tinder is the only app globally thats notoriously flaky and intermittent at logging in.
You can also try logging into tinder via web browser instead of the app.
And in rare occasions, looging into the web app can refresh cached settings in the app on ur phone, and that can fix login issues sometimes.

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