If you have tinder, you need to change your password now!

A programmer undertook the task of creating a software with which he was able to steal 40,000 photographs from users of the social network, Tinder.

Stuart Colianni, member of Kaggle (a machine-learning platform acquired by Google), used an artificial intelligence tool to identify the users, and published them on the internet thanks to this Google tool.

How did he do it? It turns out that Colianni used Tinder's database through a fictional portal to be able to install his software in order to get all those photographs.

The portal TechCrunch said the developer created a data package called 'Tinder People', which included about 10 thousand profile images each. With this, he developed a script with which he was able to extract the images from the Tinder profiles to be able to create a larger facial database than is allowed.

After this fact, Google removed all the pictures form Kaggle, however, the hacker published the code with which he managed to "mock" Tinder in GitHub.

The following was Tinder's answer:

"We take our user's security and privacy very seriously and we have all the necessary tools and systems to protect our platform's integrity.

We're always working to improve the Tinder experience and continue to implement measures against the automated use of our API, which includes steps to prevent and deter scraping."

The company ensured that the hacker violated their terms of service, for which they will act accordingly.

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