The Top Three Tinder Problems And Solutions

The Top Three Tinder Problems And Solutions

In this article you will discover the top three tinder problems and their solutions. The truth is, these problems are not such a big deal but they can completely ruin your experience with tinder.

Connects To Facebook

Many users get tripped up on this first problem. Tinder connects to Facebook to grab your photos and name. This stops people setting up fake tinder profiles and makes the whole process more streamlined. Think about it, would you want to be getting matched with thousands of fake women?

The solution is really simple just join up. Tinder will not be able to access any of your information and nor will anyone else. The only thing they will see is if they have mutual friends with you, which actually helps you get more interest.

Not Getting Any Matches

This is a big problem for guys and girls. Not getting any matches can completely ruin your tinder experience and make you hate the whole thing. The reason is simple, a bad profile. A profile on tinder is extremely simple. It’s made up of just a few photos and a very short bio.

If you want to get more matches you have to have professionally lit photos. You need to have photos that show you outdoors and smiling. You can have some brooding photos looking away from the camera, and it’s generally better to have all your photos of just you. When you start mixing in your friends in the photos it looks like your trying to say something. However if all your photos are selfies of you in your house, then you are saying the wrong thing.

Get some professional photos taken. The iPhone 6 has a pretty good camera so ask a favour from a friend or family member to take some photos. Then your bio should be very short and sweet. It can be something funny, or plain abrupt. Don’t be a complete nice guy in this section or you will sound like everyone else.

Losing Interest Fast

When you start getting matches you may begin conversations but they soon lose interest. The reason this is happening is because of your lack of intent. What is your intent? Do you aim to get them out on a date, or just hook up with them at your place? Be more straightforward and honest, but not in a rude or arrogant way.

The idea is to show your true intentions in a simple manner, and don’t wait around forever to get to the point. If you just keep asking how she is and what she does, and tell her about yourself, then it feels like it’s not going anywhere, and she will lose interest.


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  • i see no option to connect to facebook from this site on my pc. I have tried and tried but i cannot figure out how this site works. i cant narrow search range and am getting both female and male from all around the world when i try to "search"

  • how do I see just Romanian boys profile?

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