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More than 1.7 million who have signed up on Facebook  ,Reddit ,twitter and tinder  to invade the military base located in southern Nevada Named AREA 51 .
They are at three o'clock in the morning of September 20 in Area 51, a roadside restaurant in the Amargosa Valley that has specialized in the commercial exploitation of alien mythology that arose around this militarized area. The National Security forces are already rubbing their hands before the work they are going to rehearse before an army of tourists that travels already known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. They look for flying saucers and autopsies of extrahuman beings. The reality is that they will only find hamburgers and hot dogs. Ufology shakes the American dream.

«They can't stop us all»

The Aerial Images server received 8 million download requests and was blocked for days. No doubt that was the first viral action of assault on Area 51 in the digital era. Almost two decades later, the clumsy Web server has been replaced by Facebook and images downloaded by animated memes that circulate on the web like burning gunpowder. But the effect remains the same: the supposed ufological research facility of the United States Army has become the hot topic for Instagrammers, bloggers, tiktokers and other "er" ...

As reported by nY TIMES this week, more than one million people have congregated through the Internet to "peacefully assault Area 51". What a priori seemed like an idea destined to fail has already become a mass phenomenon after someone created the Facebook group «Assault on Area 51, they can't stop us all»), which quoted everyone who I wanted to "sign up" for a meeting on September 20. The objective: to discover, "once and for all", the truth about aliens and, for that, nothing better than to quote hundreds of thousands of people in the same place and try to take the base.

The authors of the idea have run to ensure that it is a joke. But it is one of those jokes that are only possible today, in the era of social networks, that has made millions of people think around the world, that has alerted the country's military authorities and that has put back fashionable the obsolete myth of Area 51. If one were misunderstood, I would think it is a skillful promotional play of the next UFO movie that will be falling ...

How is it possible that after decades of conspiracy theories denied, after years of evidence and declassification of documents, the UFO myth par excellence remains so alive and well? It all started in 1955, when Kelly Johnson, director of Skunk Works (code name of a high-tech aircraft design program) was looking for a place to secretly test a new device designed to revolutionize the U.S. military presence in the air: the U-2 aircraft. The floor chosen was the Groom Lake airfield, used since 1942 under the name of Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field. The territory, known for its map designation (Area 51), was added as a test site. By July 1955, the base was ready and CIA personnel, the Air Forces and the Lockheed Corporation set to work under the strictest secrets.

The installation is not a conventional airbase. From the beginning, it seems to be being used for Secret Military Programs that are not publicly recognized by the Government, military personnel and Defense contractors. Its objective may be focused on supporting the development, experimentation and training phases for new weapons systems or research projects. Once these projects have been approved by the United States Air Force or other agencies such as the CIA, and are ready to be announced to the public, flight operations are moved to a current airbase

Major problems

Its existence was not recognized by the US Government until September 1995. During this time, programs of high military and technological content that justified obscurantism were launched: after U.2, it tried to put the OXCART program into a flight of reconnaissance aircraft with high load capacity and speeds greater than Mach 3. In 1962 the tests of a high-altitude remote control ship, the D-21 Tagboard, began and since 1995 it is assumed that tests have been carried out for new unmanned vehicles capable of transporting military personnel. The area of ​​military exclusion has expanded several times. Could it be that the aliens don't fit inside anymore?

At the moment there is no hope that the United States will allow spontaneous visitors to enter the premises, no matter how many millions are summoned by Facebook. The space that is marked on the maps as Area 51 remains one of the most secrets and protected in the country. The "meeting of September 20" does not seem to pose a headache to the authorities. Area 51 has more problems on other fronts: allegations of environmental crime and claims of ownership of neighborhood lands, among them.

A service station in the Armagosa Valley in Nevada



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