Tinder date tesla autopilot

Tinder Stories  by  Testla.

The Autopilot de Tesla has 'given us' since its inception in the market the most irresponsible moments since the drivers knew the level 2 autonomy. And is that the 'autonomous' driving has become too much, to the point of confusing an assistant to driving with a car that drives alone.

The mainstream X industry has wanted to be part of the change in the automotive sector and the Prhub platform already houses the first X Clip recorded inside a Tesla underway with the Autopilot activated ... and a driver who believes that level 5 of autonomy exists.

Thanks to Tinder and tesla. 

The next step is predictable: only a minute has passed when the driver asks if he has ever had a date  in a Tesla. And get to work!

And we say to the work because at the wheel it does not pay much attention; almost all the action takes place in the driver's seat, while the steering wheel intermittently touches. During the video there are long periods in which only the machine controls the situation and the steering wheel is abandoned.


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