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How do I promote my profile?


In order to stand out in this community, your profile is key. It’s up to you to keep it short or make it extensive, but you should definitely be yourself. No one wants to accept a stranger without a photograph or descriptive profile. You must keep in mind that online dating is not just like real life, where you finally stumble into love, fall in love with someone you have previously met earlier, or grow in love someone with whom you have spent unforgettable moments. Therefore, it’s important for you to give the community an idea of where are you from and what you are looking for.


How do I create a free account?


You can create an account with an email address, or you can sign in with an account from another social network, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, or Twitter.


How do I show that I am interested in him or her?


Click ""Like"

 ”. When you click “Like” the other person will receive a private message in his or her inbox or an alert in his or her personal profile.


What happens after someone accepts my dating request?


If someone accepts your request, it means that he or she is interested in you and ready to start up a conversation. Therefore, you’re already able to send him or her private messages.


However, we recommend that you use the public webchat tool before sharing personal email, Skype, Facebook, or WhatsApp accounts.


Can I send private messages?


You can send private messages only if somebody has accepted you as a friend.


How can I find Users  close to my city?

Tinder search engine Users. 

Check our Advance Seach 1.0

How do I search for people by age or Name ?


   Go : Advance Seach  Search By Name


Why is it so difficult to be accepted?


Maybe your profile doesn’t have enough information or a real photograph.


May I add a new location?


Yes. You can add a new city or country.


Is it possible to add an activity?


Yes. You can create or announce any activity in the “Group” section.


How do I block somebody to stop receiving messages?


You have to delete him or her from your “Friends” list.


What should I do if my account is suspended?


These are several reasons that your account may be suspended:


Profiles with rude or too suggestive images or content.


Profiles with poor information.


Service terms not agreed to.


How do I cancel my account?


You should go to your Profile and select Edit. At the bottom, select the option called “Cancel profile.” or " Leave "



What other functions will be available in 2020?


The community is working on Videos, emojis. “ Advanced Search by Milles ,” “Events ,” “ New Chat,” and “ Real Time Notifications” 





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How can I protect my privacy online?

Go to Profile  Settings and select Profile Privacy.



How can i meet singles in my Area ?

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