March 14


I know the first thing you're going to do is to look my photos.... go ahead, i'll wait....... im guessing if you've read this far it means i've passed the photo test.. I don't like giving out too much about myself but I guess its necessary... I'm a laid back, dreamy , deep thinker, I might come across as shy at first but I just take time to open up. I analyze first... lol I'm open minded, spiritual and interested in many different things. At the same time I'm quite materialistic. I love fashion and beauty, shops... but I like the simple things too and appreciate them. Its not hard to make me happy. I'm just here to meet new people, make friends and more... new adventures and fun to spice up my life. I find people fascinating. I'm quite sexual, arty, soft, giggly, curios, hot blooded, impulsive and rebellious. ..Attraction for me starts with the mind, my mind needs to be stimulated. I listen to different varieties of music & they include Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Dance, Electro & Bands.

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Looking for fun and excitement


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  •  nice to meet you my name is Leigh I'm single and from Geelong Victoria and I'm 43 and think you are beautiful and I would love to get the chance to ask you out on a date with me for a lovely meal a few drinks and dancing if you are interested beautiful if so my number is 0467657503 call me anytime1586177314?profile=RESIZE_930x

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