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November 16


Look at me! I am not an ordinary woman, I am a my mail send me a invite in hangouts woman-holiday! So in your calendar will be more red dates. I am able to turn ordinary routine matters into joy. I am a positive, energetic woman with a cheerful nature. I have a great sense of humor. With me you will never be bored, I promise! Understanding, respect and patience are my key qualities. What is a great relationship for me? This relationship is filled with love, care, affection and tenderness. It is built on trust and loyalty to each other! I can offer my man a lot, but I expect the same attitude in return.

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Nowadays, everybody knows that people are very busy and have no much time to spare. Sometimes it is only the weekend and I think that every day-off needs some special planning. The English men say: "Who knows how to work, knows how to rest". I think it is true. In my view rest is as important as work. So I try to treasure every hour and think of the ways of having a good time in the best way possible for me. I am a very diverse person and enjoy all the simple pleasures of life. I have many interests: I like music and play the piano. I am very fond of art, especially, architecture and interior design. I like to swim and go to the swimming pool and gym regularly. It helps me to stay in good shape and mood. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy romantic walks on the beach, candlelight dinners. I love to travel and spend time in nature. I just like to have fun and want to share this wonderful world with the right person.

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