My life in saskatoon -Saskatchewan.2019 Update July 22.

I love it when you guys always came to Regina... Got free stuff all the time. Well a couple months ago I made the decision that stoon was the place to be. And moved there... So much more to offer than Regina (not that I hate it... I   Regina also). Only been here couple months and still so much more to explore.


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  • Ur hot!!!
  • in NY USA
  • hi sexy
  • Hello baby Xxx
  • Hello pretty
  • Damn that ass though
  • Hi don't worry, i m in Saskatoon
  • Hey...
  • beautiful photo are you a model
  • I just came back from Canada a month ago and Saskatchewan was an amazing province just outside Alberta. I was visiting Jasper and Banff and a little part of the northern British Columbia. You have an amazing country to explore. Good luck in Saskatoon:)
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